water management & planning


       Josef Holzer

       Josef Holzer

Farmer and international consultant

Instructor for the topics of permaculture, animal husbandry, agroforestry, aquaculture, arable farming, soil and water management.

Josef took over the alpine family farm "Krameterhof" from his father Sepp Holzer in 2009 and has been responsible for the farm’s advancement since then. He develops innovative permaculture solutions, which are being realised on his farm. Furthermore, he leads excursions, seminars and 1-year permaculture-courses. He is also busy with consultancy and developing concepts. He is the (co-) author of several books. 

        Jens Kalkhof

        Jens Kalkhof

Architectural designer & teacher

Instructor for the topics of permaculture, planning and water management.

Jens studied architecture in South Africa and London. He manages and lives on a small farm in Southern Styria with his family. There he also runs his architecture office "Permatecture". Jens is an internationally experienced permaculture designer and teacher. 



Dates and schedule

Seminar: from Thursday 26th to Sunday 29th of October 2017

Each day starts at 9 AM until 5.30 PM. Please try to be there at 8.45 AM !

Place and accomodation

The seminar will take place at Froidefontaine Farm located in the beautiful region of “Condroz” (1 hour drive South from Brussels).

Contact us to receive the list of accommodations in the surroundings.

Tarif and registration

400€ per person for the 4 days  (limited number of participants).

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: 10% off on booking at least 10 weeks in advance (before Aug 16th)

To register, please send us an email with your contact details at the email address underneath. When you receive a confirmation, you will be asked to send us a bank transfer of 100€ on our IBAN account as a deposit. The balance must be paid at least 15 days before the seminar.

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Fermes pleines de vies asbl

Froidefontaine 1, B-5370 Havelange



IBAN: BE94 0018 0678 1614



Day 1: Thursday 26th of October

Introduction to "Holzer Permaculture" principles and philosophy

  • General introduction course to "Holzer Permaculture" principles and philosophy

  •  Discussion of key practices of "Holzer Permaculture" with a strong focus on sustainable water management using actual project examples

  • Visit of the farm with field observations and subsequent analysis and interpretation

Day 2: Friday 27th of October

How to tap spring water

  • Introduction to "ecological planning" principles dealing with natural parameters such as water, topography, (hydro-) geology, climate, soil, fauna and flora

  •  Key principles of  water retention with emphasis on spring water tapping and pond building using natural materials

  • Designing and building a scale model of a selected area of the farm in small groups using the above principles of "ecological planning"Group discussion of the various project designs

  • Starting to tap a spring on site

Day 3: Saturday 28th of October

How to build ponds and lakes using natural materials

  • Designing and planning a pond made of natural materials available on site Basic principles and strategies of surveying, planning and earthworks for sustainable water management
  • Building a working model pond on site
  • Follow up on the construction work of the spring tapping

Day 4: Sunday 29th of October

How to manage and use water landscapes efficiently and sustainably

  •  Elaboration on sustainable water design and management of aquatic system

  •  Introduction to extensive aquaculture

  •  Discussion of the possibilities and passive irrigation

  •  Advantages of increased biodiversity following meaningful water management

  • Follow up on the construction work of the spring tapping and pond building